Top Electrician Group is a trusted name in providing premium AC split system service & maintenance in Sydney. We offer prompt repairs for all brands so you can always stay cool and relaxed. We believe that living a cool and comfortable life should not be a luxury, rather it should be a daily pleasure that people can enjoy anytime. Especially, in this hot and humid climate of Sydney, having a well-maintained air conditioning system in working condition is very imperative to carry out daily tasks efficiently. Thus, we provide fast and affordable AC split system installation and repair services to both residential and commercial customers with 100% satisfaction.

How it work :

  • Depending on your needs, the area required to suit your requirements, and more importantly to suit your budget, we can supply and install a Split System to cater to your needs.

Service Features :

  • Before acquiring an air conditioning unit, you need to know that there are two main types of air conditioners: static and portable. Most AC installations in Sydney are portable, which allows you to move air conditioning appliances whenever needed. Static units, as opposed to portable air conditioning units, are usually built into walls and windows.
  • To maintain the perfect temperature, keeping you cool and comfortable, we will make sure your AC installation is in the right place. Our expert air conditioning installer will help you decide which unit is more effective for your home. It’s now even more convenient to schedule an inspection at your home, by using the forms on the website or by calling us at any given time.

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